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Worlds first digital cage card! Work Smarter Not Harder!

CageTalkers® are electronic cage labels which replace cage cards printed on paper. CageTalkers® are a product of Galilei Software GmbH

CageTalkers® offer a vast potential of automation, productivity and efficiency
  • Paperless animal room.
  • Compatible with all types of cages.
  • Work with your existing AMS.
  • Find your cages wherever they are.
  • Create billing-records
  • 3-page electronic display 
CageTalkers® are available in different sizes and different outfits with barcode, NFC and LEDs.
It closes the cybernetic cycle between the the animal room and the animal management system. Read more at the CageTalkers® website here

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We offer to Pilot Test CageTalkers® for i.e. 20-70 cages.
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Worlds first digital Cage Card!

Electronic cage cards works for ALL types of animal experiments and cages All relevant information is now electronically stored on the card. So simple - yet so efficient! Work Smarter - Not Harder!


Housing solutions

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Euthanasia and Operating Tables

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Sterile Air

Clean Airhandling, Barrier Technology & Cage Changing Units

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Washing, Cleaning and Decontaminating - Cage & Bottle Technology

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CageTalkers® Digital cage cards!

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Cage Lids, Trolleys & Accessories for small Rodents

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Smartons by CageTalkers®

Smartons (Smartie-Buttons) to your animal cages.

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Our mission is to help our scientific animal husbandry customers in always mastering increasing demands and tasks in vivo research.

At Vivarium Consult International, we are passionate about our role in improving the quality of people’s lives. We approach each day with the knowledge that our work helps to improve the health and well-being of many across the globe.
We take pride in offering our customers a 360 degree product portfolio covering vital infrastructure in the animal facilities.

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