Smartons by CageTalkers®

At Vivarium Consult we offer Smartons (Smartie-Buttons) to your animal cages. With these Smartons you are able to connect everything to an app and just like that, your animal management system becomes even more valuable. 

How it works:

1. Download the Smartie-app.

2. Within the app, you can add any data (text, video, website) that you would like to show once scanning the button. 

3. Scan the Button to activate the Smarton. 

4. Place the Smarton to your cage or anywhere else in the animal room. 

5. When the next one scans the button, they will see the updated data, find all marked cages with the LED Flash and push the alert button.

Place it on a blank surface and check the completion of alerts from anywhere!

What happens?

  • Alert watermark appears on the CageTAlker
  • E-Mail is sent to work group
  • Alerts are marked with a status

Easy, fast & efficient!

The Smartie-App and Smartie-Buttons mean easy, fast and efficient communication in and out of the animal room.