CageTalkers® The Operating System to get a more efficient lab station!

CageTalkers® are electronic cage labels which replace cage cards printed on paper. We offer a vast potential of automation, productivity and efficiency. CageTalkers® are a product of Galilei Software GmbH

What you get with CageTalkers®

  • A Paperless animal room.
  • It is compatible with all types of cages.
  • It works with your existing AMS.
  • You can find your cages wherever they are.
  • You can create billing-records
  • You get a 3-page electronic display 

Different sizes and holders

CageTalkers® are available in different sizes and different outfits with barcode, NFC and LEDs.

Different holders for different cage types make sure that the CageTalkers® are compatible with all types of cage.

Use different colours for the lids of the CageTalkers® and indicate particular situations with clickers & stickers.

It closes the cybernetic cycle between the the animal room and the animal management system.

Order a non-binding online demonstration today!

We offer to Pilot Test CageTalkers® for i.e. 20-70 cage. Contact our experts at Vivarium Consult to learn more!