Sterile Air

Airhandling Units

AirshowerControlled entry into the ultra clean area of an animal husbandry by minimizing particles on clothing or skin. Prevents contamination when enter a clean area or exit a contaminated area without changing clothes. The air shower is a unit for showering in HEPA-filtered air. It is a free-standing unit made for recirculation of HEPA filtered air. 


Fixed Cage Changing Stations. Also functions as Barrier protection.

Mobile Cage Changing Units

Vivarium-SAFE manufactures intelligent engineered biological safety cabinets that provide clean air solutions for a wide range of applications, ranging from routine work with potentially hazardous samples to handling cytotoxic com- pounds. 

Download brochure Vivarium-SAFE here: Download Brochure Vivarium-SAFE

Download brochure Zoonlab: UniProtect_Climate-Controlled_Airflow Cabinet_Zoonlab.pdf

Air Locks and Decon Hatches

Passive, active or with built in decontamination spray systems.

Download brochure: Vivarium Consult_Air Locks and Decon Hatches_NL.pdf